Like all large, knowledge-intensive organizations, NASA faces continuous challenges identifying, capturing, and sharing what it knows. The agency’s knowledge landscape is complex. Many types of knowledge are necessary for mission success, ranging from highly codified scientific knowledge to technical craftsmanship to political savvy.In light of this complexity, NASA operates its knowledge management enterprise on a federated basis, with each center determining the approach that best meets its needs while recognizing that knowledge applicable to all mission directorates and centers will be shared to the fullest extent possible. The agency has developed a map of existing knowledge services at NASA to identify the current state of the enterprise.

The ultimate goal of these efforts is to ensure that the agency’s practitioners have access to critical knowledge when they need it – now and in the future – to increase the likelihood of mission success. Everyone at NASA has an obligation to each other and to tomorrow’s practitioners to capture and share whatever we can, because we cannot anticipate the value someone else will find in our knowledge.

What does a NASA Chief Knowledge Officer do?

A Chief Knowledge Officer has two important advocacy roles: facilitator and champion. The CKO should leverage, nurture, and highlight formal and informal work happening across the agency and serves as a conduit between the workforce and leadership to ensure the workforce has the tools and resources necessary to meet NASA’s most pressing knowledge challenges.

What is NASA’s knowledge policy?

Policy offers organizations an advantage in that they represent an organization’s collective wisdom over a period of time. Where NASA’s knowledge is concerned, the primary focus is ensuring that we manage the knowledge resources that enable us to execute the agency’s programs, projects, and missions. (Learn more.)

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