Introducing the Gateway to Critical Knowledge

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Introducing the Gateway to Critical Knowledge

NASA Chief Knowledge Officer Ed Hoffman announces the implementation of the Critical Knowledge (CK) Gateway.

The CK Gateway is a portal connecting the NASA community to a vast array of NASA video-based lessons learned resources and serving as an index to broadly applicable lessons learned that enable mission success.  The goal of the CK initiative is to stimulate critical thinking and assist users in formulating questions that need to be considered at various phases in a project life-cycle.

Hoffman states, “It has some wonderful content and demonstrates our commitment to digital tools to promote learning and dialogue.”

The multimedia resources indexed in this first edition of the compendium were developed by the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate and the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate from 2006 to 2014.  The resources include a diverse set of developmental and operational programs including:  Space Shuttle Program, International Space Station Program, Constellation Program, ARES I-X Test Flight, DART Mission, and development of the Space Shuttle Super Lightweight Tank.

Over 250 CK video segments have been indexed using a simple intuitive framework that combines a notional, four-phase project lifecycle (Early-on, Development, Operations, Close-out) with People, Process, and Technical sub-elements for each phase.

Users are encouraged to follow the indexed critical knowledge lessons learned back to their source modules and explore related video and document resources.  This compendium will be updated on a semi-annual basis as new material is incorporated.

“As it is updated, the compendium and gateway will continue to integrate and consolidate vital lessons and mission knowledge in a dramatic and easily accessible manner,” shares Hoffman, “and is off to an outstanding start.”

To visit the CK Gateway, please click here.

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